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Robotic Surgery

one of the advanced surgeries that requires special preparation and quality equipment

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Why Robotic Surgery ?

Robot-assisted surgery uses specialized technology that enhances the capabilities of your surgeon’s hands. It allows surgeons to perform procedures in hard-to-reach areas through small incisions. The specialized technology also enables precise movements and enhanced magnification.
The technology consists of:
Surgical arms, Special camera,Surgical console.
The techniques your surgeon uses to carry out your procedure are similar to open surgery
The main difference is how your surgeon accesses the surgical site. Instead of large incisions, your surgeon makes small incisions. Another difference is that the surgical instruments need less space to do their job. . the benefits of robotic surgery?With robot-assisted surgery, you may experience:Less pain during recovery.Lower risk of infection.Reduced blood loss.Shorter hospital stays.

Robotic Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the solution if the knee joint is too worn out to make everyday life difficult,

Robotic Knee partial replacement surgery

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Robotic hip replacement surgery

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Dr.shamil BEZIRGAN have born in 28 th February 1960 ,Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist, The Main field of interest is Robotic surgery , Knee Surgery and Sports Medicine and Arthroplasty ( knee, hip, shoulder joints ).Since Dec 2016 He has been working as Orthopaedic surgeon in istanbul private Aile Hospital and in Atakent Acibadem Hospital , In addition to the previous job positions were in ( Private Universal Vatan Aksaray Hospital , Memorial Hospital and in European Florence Nightingale Hospital as an Orthopedic Surgeon.